"I came to Klarin and Associates with several years of unfiled returns. I was embarrassed and nervous about dealing with the IRS. Michael put my mind at ease during our first meeting. We knocked out one issue after another. I sleep a lot better now."

"What a relief it was to find Taxhelper.com! I’ve been working and living abroad for a year now. I thought I probably needed to file a U.S. tax return, but I wasn’t really sure. My parents’ accountant didn’t have an answer either. Dennis and I e-mailed back and forth a couple of times. Before I knew it, my return was done."

"Thank you to the entire team at Klarin and Associates for helping me maintain my business. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that my payroll, my tax issues, my insurance and consulting needs are taken care of. Michael, Dennis, Opal, and Addie are never more than an email or a phone call away. I feel like I have my own personal support staff…although I could never afford to hire professionals of their caliber on my own."

"I have been coming to Klarin and Associates for over 15 years now. Each year I enjoy a pleasant visit as we sit down to do my taxes. Hot coffee, snacks, and friendly faces! What more could anyone hope for than personalized, reliable, comfortable service."

"Michael Klarin started handling my taxes about 2 1/2 years ago. Right from the start, he took every step to make sure he understood my goals and my comfort level as far as risk was concerned. Michael is conscientious and conservative. He takes my future even more seriously than I do. I feel very confident with Michael at the helm."