Do you have tax filing requirements in more than one state?

We are experts at analyzing your unique situation and recommending a course of action.

We file tax returns for clients in every state. We are experts at multi-state filings.

Following are examples of situations that we deal with for our clients:

• I live in California but I am in a partnership that owns a hotel in Arizona. I just got an Arizona tax form, what do I do?

• I live in Texas where we do not have state income tax. I worked this year in California. What do I do?

• I pay state income tax in Hawaii the state I live in. If my family farm in Iowa earns money do I have to pay tax to Iowa also? Do I get a credit? How do I figure it out?

• I invested money in a partnership. At tax time the partnership sent me tax forms for 14 different states. What do I do with all these forms? Do I have to file in every state?

• I own a small business. We make sales across the whole country. Do I have to register and file taxes in all the states we cover?

In most instances, any tax paid to one state will be offset by a credit in another state.

Please tell us about your situation. What appears like a state filing tax nightmare is actually a great assignment for us to make your tax filing needs worry free. We are experts and will take on your unique situation head on until it is completed. 

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